>Life is going round in circles


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At last. The much discussed, rumour-based, policy-driven, top-down shakedown-fuelled office move has taken place. The ‘porters’ shifted all our stuff this morning into our new space, where we’re sharing with two other blokes, all blokes in one room! All we need is a urinal, that symbol of masculinity!

And as I’m sitting there, 5 jobs and 5 years down the line, it hit me: this was the very same room where I had my viva*, those millions of years ago, way back in the palaeolithic age. Do I need to get out of here? Is the room trying to tell me something, like a friend giving you a pat on the back when it’s your round at the pub? I don’t know. All I know is that it feels very strange, as if I am caught in some kind of game, an allegory where we are all puppets in someone else’s hands. I need a pair of scissors…
*A viva (viva voce) is an oral examination for PhD candidates
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5 Responses to >Life is going round in circles

  1. Biluś says:

    >Yes, that must feel strange indeed. It's a deepening circle, though, and so many other things have changed for you, so much more experience under the belt. But, yes, those scissors would be good.So, in good acprac stylee, 'let's reflect' on this particular experience…On reflection, the process has been demotivating, demoralising and dispiriting – not to mention somewhat insulting. We were given no information about what was happening TO US from start to finish – anything we found out was through the buzz of the rumour mill, second hand. Our own feelings were not considered at all. I didn't realise how pissed off I have been about the whole thing, and now angry, especially when we find out that this is simply moving the furniture so that more important people in the hive can have their own exclusive broodcomb. I don't wish to be the King of the bees, but it's really not very nice to not be valued and simply moved hither and thither like so many drones. And in the end, all that happens is that we embrace the spirit of the bee-keeper.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    >Unfortunately the system does not see you as a person. Therefore it's not even personal. Had it been you would at least feel some comfort in the thought that somebody bothered to at least hate you. Like this you feel like somebody somewhere sees you as a pawn on the chessboard. Here, I submit this for your delectation, in case you thought we cunts called the shots in anything.

  3. >I am not sure how right you are about this. If I get it right, you mean that you are back to the point everything started… But this is not a step back… I do not see things this way. However, I do believe in coincident… something like this circles has finished and you are starting over from the same great point that things started five years ago. Take it like this. You know, in my life all the coincident were great moments that led me to the path I am following these days… which is not a bad one… Keep us inform about this new circle of life… I know you made great circles! I saw you made some…

  4. ρίτσα says:

    >i have no advicei hope you make a choice that makes sense to you

  5. Blackbeard says:

    >Thanks for your comments guys. Ultimately the choice is on our shoulders. My choice is pretty much made, I must admit. I would like to thank the establishment for helping me out on that one 🙂

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