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>Nutters I have known #1: the Basque

> According to Will Self, 70% of the world’s nutters are in University in some shape or form. In a way it makes sense. Universities are inhabited by people who spend lifetimes focusing on something so small and intricate, that … Continue reading

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>The dream of the spherical goddess

> Ever since I hurt my ankle and gave up football, 18 months ago, I have been wanting nothing more than to kick a ball. It’s as if my heart defies what the body knows: I’ve hurt both ankles twice. … Continue reading

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>Πηλά τζιαι ρόφκια (μέρος Β’)

> (συνέχεια από το Α’) Άμαν τζιαι εφκήκεν ο ήλιος για τα καλά, τζιαι η φύση γυρόν τους ήταν πιον όξυπνη, εσηκωστήκαν σιγά-σιγά τζιαι εμπήκαν πιο μέσα στο περβόλιν. Ερέξαν που μες τα δεντρά ως την άλλην άκραν του περβολιού, … Continue reading

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