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Pasquale’s Mussels and Spaghetti with Mussels

Not my recipe this time, but rejigged and reblogged from Ιστομαγειρέματα. Thanks to postbabylon for this. How to clean and prepare live mussels Take the mussels and pull gently but firmly the little ‘beard’ they have. When you do this, … Continue reading

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> Κυπριακά δαμαί How procrastination works (a real case study) You’re sitting at your desk, working on something important (a job application in this case). You feel like having a cup of coffee. You get up and go to the … Continue reading

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Pizzas pizzas pizzas

In Cypriot here. My friend Antonis was here for a few days and one night we made a few pizzas with Federica’s dough recipe. 600 gr. of village flour made 3 large ones. Pizza the First We topped the first … Continue reading

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