Dakos, or koukouvayia (which means owl) is something I learnt to appreciate in Crete. The reason I made it (apart from nostalgia and flavour) is that last night, with a bit of leftover dough I had from making pizzas I made a small bread with poppy seeds. Unfortunately I forgot to take it out of the oven in time so it over-baked and became really hard.

Basically, Dakos is made using double-baked, very hard rye or barley rusk (in the naval sense of the term). This is called paximadi (παξιμάδι/ποξαμάτι) in Greek or peksimet in Turkish. I suspect it’s also some kind of bruschetta. The recipe for dakos comes from Crete, although it’s probably made elsewhere too. You take one of these rusks (I used my super-baked bread) and place it in a bowl. Grate some nice and ripe tomatoes (they must be nice otherwise don’t bother). Spread these on top of the paximadi, including the juices. Add finely chopped spring onion, oregano, salt and pepper and plenty of olive oil. The juices and oil soften the paximadi so you can enjoy it with a fork. If it’s still a bit hard you can use your hands! In Crete they also add fetta cheese or even olives in the mix, do whatever you fancy. Enjoy it with a nicely chilled glass of zivania or raki.

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  1. Nas says:

    Looks great mate!

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