Origin of social classes, by Eduardo Galeano

Cultivation of potato, yucca and other tubers. From Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, El primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno (1615/1616). Click on image for the link to the manuscript online

In the earliest of times, times of hunger, the first woman was scratching at the earth when the sun’s rays entered her from behind. In an instant, a baby was born.

The god Pachacamac was not at all pleased with the sun’s good deed, and he tore the newborn to pieces. From the dead infant sprouted the first plants. The teeth became grains of corn, the bones became yucca, the flesh became potato, yam, squash…

The sun’s fury was swift. His rays blasted the coast of Peru and left it forever dry. As the ultimate revenge he cracked three eggs on the soil.

From the golden egg emerged the lords.

From the silver egg, the ladies of the lords.

And from the copper egg, those who work.

Eduardo Galeano,  Mirrors

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4 Responses to Origin of social classes, by Eduardo Galeano

  1. G Michael says:

    This is really interesting- is it possible to send it on?

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  2. G Michael says:

    Marie- this is awesome. The manuscript has a later depiction of the Holy Trinity!!! I have not seen this one before! Thanks

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