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>Nutters I have known #3: The Greek ‘researcher’

> Soula was very keen on her research. She was researching her own island (aren’t we all) during Ottoman times, but nobody knew exactly what. You see, Soula thought that what she was doing was so important and significant , … Continue reading

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>Nutters I have known #2: the pseudo-intellectual

> [I had forgotten about this series, until Claude reminded me-thanks!] Makis was an intellectual. One of those you know the moment you lay eyes on them. Short, dark, with John Lennon glasses, always clutching a book. I met him … Continue reading

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  Mastre Hambís put out his cigarette with his boot. ‘Come on boys, not much left’. The soldiers lazily got up from the comfort of the giant carob tree’s shade and prepared themselves for another couple of hours of work. … Continue reading

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>The dining table of life

> As someone who lives abroad, I always dread phone calls from Cyprus announcing losses of loved ones. It’s the fate of the voluntarily (or involuntarily) displaced. They always tell you that [insert name of loved one here] is in … Continue reading

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>Nutters I have known #1: the Basque

> According to Will Self, 70% of the world’s nutters are in University in some shape or form. In a way it makes sense. Universities are inhabited by people who spend lifetimes focusing on something so small and intricate, that … Continue reading

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>The dream of the spherical goddess

> Ever since I hurt my ankle and gave up football, 18 months ago, I have been wanting nothing more than to kick a ball. It’s as if my heart defies what the body knows: I’ve hurt both ankles twice. … Continue reading

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>Mud and pomegranates II

> (continued from I) When the sun was well on its way, and nature around them was wide awake, they slowly got up and headed back inside the orchard. They made their way through the fruit trees to the edge … Continue reading

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