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Pasquale’s Mussels and Spaghetti with Mussels

Not my recipe this time, but rejigged and reblogged from Ιστομαγειρέματα. Thanks to postbabylon for this. How to clean and prepare live mussels Take the mussels and pull gently but firmly the little ‘beard’ they have. When you do this, … Continue reading

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Hamsili Pilav (Rice with Black Sea anchovies)

> A lovely Black Sea dish, lovingly prepared by Mrs Blackbeard. Κυπριακά δαμαί. Ingredients 500 gr hamsi/fresh anchovies We find these in a Kurdish shop round the corner. I guess you could use sprats or small sardines even… 2 cups … Continue reading

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Fish Chowder

This my take on what is a lovely, wholesome dish. I tried a lovely version in Saratoga Springs in 2007, but wanted to make a version without the bacon rind. I hate mixing seafood and meat. Ingredients (serves 4) For … Continue reading

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Octopus stew

  This is a dish suitable for the Greek lent, since seafood is allowed. Serves 3-4  Ingredients 2 octopuses 5-6 onions, thickly cut 2-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 4-5 bay leaves black peppercorns 2 cans of tomato (or plenty … Continue reading

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Sea bream in white wine

Marinate your sea bream (the longer the better) in lemon juice and salt. Have chopped mushrooms, onions and a couple of cloves of garlic. Use white wine, any really, as long as it’s not too sweet. Heat a little olive … Continue reading

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