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On a day like today in the history of Cyprus

Nothing happened today in the history of Cyprus. That is to say, nothing happened which the fathers of our history thought worthy of writing about, from Herodotus to Bustronius  all the way to Kyrris and Papadopoullos. No king was crowned. … Continue reading

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Searching for history and memory in Ais Serkis and Limnia

Studying a 17th c. Italian manuscript, I stumbled across this phrase: “bisognava andare con / tutta la gente in un villaggio chiamato Santo Sagi dove era un / palazzo di Mustaffa Bei” (we had to go with all the troops to … Continue reading

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Lavoura’s tale

A long time ago, long before the time of the Turks, when the Franks were ruling the land, there was a rich feudal lord by the name of Markéllos. Markéllos had a daughter, Lavoura, who was of marriage age. Lavoura … Continue reading

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>Things I hate about Cyprus

> Right…here it is. I’ll try to keep the rant to a minimum. (Following on from ‘Things I love…‘) 1) Class mobility Especially in the countryside, where an up-to-recently peasant class has quickly transformed into a middle class. Nothing wrong … Continue reading

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>Things I love about Cyprus

> Every time I go back to Cyprus for holidays (and to see family) I have to readjust to life there, even if it’s just for a few days. It goes without saying that the differences with the UK are … Continue reading

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